Artwork of Daniel Colvin

man dressArtists Statement:

I am interested in testing the limits of paper as a medium. I would like to challenge the viewer to experience paper as something more than its traditional and commercial purposes, as well as experience paper differently than they may have previously in other art forms. I also want to challenge myself to push the limits of paper application. The versatility of the paper pulp allows it to be applied to a variety of surfaces; it also lends itself to becoming more sculptural than flat. I apply several layers of pigmented raw paper pulp, process the pulp, and then print on it with etched copper plates. The end result will become a solid cast shape of paper enhanced by the eloquent line work of the printing plates. The work I am presenting is a representation of successful applications of this process.

I challenge myself to make the paper castings more mysterious and seductive by incorporating my influence as a print maker. I am interested in liberating the definition of a print without compromising the basic components of that definition, namely ink transferred to paper from a solid surface. I want to create a new experience for the viewer by creating non-traditional print installations. I am very interested in the idea of cycles, especially the idea of destruction and rebirth. This idea references the process of paper making as well as the subject matter for many of the etchings. Cycles in nature, society, and mythology influence the imagery I choose for the cast etchings.

Rejuvenation Series – 2016

September 2016 – Shot Tower Gallery

May 2016 – R.A.W. Gallery